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College style: Urban Minimalism

College is all about expressing your personal style! And, your college dorm room or apartment is the perfect blank canvas to do just that! A neutral palette, punctuated by sleek lines and a bold accent color, captures all the energy of a day in the city.

Get the Urban Minimalism Look:


Start with one unifying piece for your room, like the VÅRÄRT twin duvet set. Pulling colors and inspiration from this unifying piece will ensure the rest of your dorm room or college space is coordinated.

Layered cushion covers like SLÖJGRAN and SANELA help to play off the patterns in the duvet and to pull out accent colors.

urban minimalism textiles collage


If you are living at home and commuting to school, sharing a dorm room with another student or living in an off-campus apartment, lack of storage is always a big concern. For the minimalist look, the sleek lines of the KALLAX shelf unit work well with this modern look. Adding casters allows you to move the unit around the space for easier access to the contents inside or to try a new layout. Open shelving lets you to show off your favorite items, and hanging organizers and baskets allow you to hide things away when not in use.  

urban minimalism storage collage 1

For even more storage throughout your space, the KNALLBÅGE hanging organizer is great for holding smaller items like pens, notebooks, or keys. Complete your storage needs with a contemporary valet stand for hanging jackets and backpacks.     

urban minimalism storage collage 2

Coordinating accessories:

A comfy armchair or loveseat gives you a space to relax after classes. Plus, this chair is foldable, so you can hide it away when you want more floor space.  

urban minimalism seating collage

The VITTSJÖ laptop stand provides a workspace with the clean lines of this modern minimalist look and adds another element with a bright pop of color to the room.   

IKEA VITTSJO laptop table


For our urban minimalist, bulky lighting units just won’t do. This simple and lightweight NITTIO LED bulb and SEKOND cord can be easily hung and plugged into an existing outlet. Keep everything looking neat and tidy with a FIXA cable management set.

urban minimalism lighting collage


Now it is time to personalize! Less is more for our urban minimalist, so a few aptly-placed pieces will help complete the look. The PJÄTTERYD New York taxi cab picture, GESTALTA artists figure and FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG plant with pot are our top picks.

urban minimalism decoration collage

Undecided on your college style? Take this quick quiz to find your look!

For even more college style ideas and tips to help you get a handle on this exciting time, visit  

Love the Urban Minimalism look for your college space? Let us know in the comments!


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