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Design Series: Moody Blues

Pictured above: KIVIK sectional in Hillard dark blue, BILLY glass-door bookcases in dark blue and the ÅDUM high-pile rug in dark blue. 

From pale, icy blue to dark navy, traditional to a modern expression, blue is having a moment here at IKEA. Pale shades of blue can create a feeling of calm, coziness and relaxation, while deeper shades can make your surroundings feel fresh, clean and sophisticated. Warm shades of blue are great for social spaces like the living room, dining room or kitchen, while cooler shades work well in the bedroom, bathroom and office.

Blue is actually a great neutral and one of the most versatile colors to use for decorating. And you don’t have to limit yourself to one shade of blue in a room, you can layer several.  

Here is a roundup of living room inspiration collages. Find the one that suits your true blue style the best. 



Picture above: TVILLING posters $10, MERETE curtains $29.99, EKTORP sofa $499, STOCKHOLM 2017 rug $169, JASSA cushion cover $6


Product collage - ART EVENT 2017 poster, NORSBORG sofa, NUNNERÖRT curtains, FLÖNG rug, SOMMAR 2017 cushion cover



Pictured above: ART EVENT 2017 poster $9.99, NORSBORG sofa $499, NUNNERÖRT curtains $24.99, FLÖNG rug $9.99, SOMMAR 2017 cushion cover $14 

IKEA PS 2017 loveseat

Product collage - PJÄTTERYD picture, IKEA PS 2017 loveseat, SOMMAR 2017 curtains, IKEA PS 2017 rug, SPRIDD cushion cover

Pictured above: PJÄTTERYD picture $39.99, IKEA PS 2017 loveseat $333.64, SOMMAR 2017 curtains $12.99, IKEA PS 2017 rug $249, SPRIDD cushion cover $13


Product collage - BJÖRKSTA picture, STOCKSUND sofa, MAJGULL curtains, KÄRBÄK rug, BOKARV cushion covers

Pictured above: BJÖRKSTA picture $19.99, STOCKSUND sofa $699, MAJGULL curtains $39.99, KÄRBÄK rug $59.99, BOKARV cushion covers $34.99 


Product collage - BILD poster set, SÖDERHAMN sofa, GRÄSLILJA curtains, SÖNDERÖD rug, SMÅTÖREL cushion, SANELA cushion cover

Pictured above: BILD poster set $6.99, SÖDERHAMN sofa $599, GRÄSLILJA curtains $24.99, SÖNDERÖD rug $149, SMÅTÖREL cushion $19.99, SANELA cushion cover $10 

STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa

Product collage - BJÖRKSTA picture, STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa, STOCKHOLM 2017 fabric, STOCKHOLM 2017 rug, STOCKHOLM 2017 cushions

Pictured above: BJÖRKSTA picture $29.99, STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa $1299, STOCKHOLM 2017 fabric $8.99 per yard, STOCKHOLM 2017 rug $199, STOCKHOLM 2017 cushions $12.99/ea


So are you are lover of the color blue? What is your favorite shade? Watch in the upcoming months for more articles on IKEA design ideas for your home.

Till next time!


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