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Outdoor wedding decor on a budget

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but stressful. Trying to plan around Mother Nature is not always the easiest task. If you’re feeling brave, though, here are some ways to get the most out of your budget and enjoy some beautiful décor for your upcoming wedding.

Keep it simple with dinnerware

chic, simple dinnerware

Often, the dinnerware will be provided in a package from your caterer, but if your caterer does not offer this, IKEA has several very cost effective options for dinnerware. Try OFTAST white bowls and plates for just 99 cents each and make that first toast with SVALKA champagne flutes. After your big day, you will have a nice collection of dinnerware for future parties which is both cost saving and sustainable!

Make your table look beautiful

ROTERA lantern

Floral arrangements can get expensive! Lanterns and candles along with just a few simple flowers can create an elegant look for less. Try a ROTERA lantern on each table along with GLIMMA unscented tea lights. STOPPEN LED candles are also available if you are worried about keeping candles lit in the wind and these allow you to experiment more with flowers because you don’t need to worry about the heat of the candles. Pass your collection of lanterns on to a friend who is getting married in the future or use them to create a statement in your home or yard after your wedding.

Add romantic lighting

romantic lighting

It is likely that your wedding celebration will last well into the night, even in the summer. If your wedding space has electricity available, there are a lot of beautiful solar hanging and table light options to choose from in the SOLVINDEN summer range. The STOPPEN range of LED candles can also provide beautiful lighting for your tables. Plus your collection of lighting can be reused when you entertain in the future.

Include your décor in your gift registry

When you are registering for your wedding gifts, why not include some wedding décor? The new IKEA gift registry allows you to register for groups of items that you choose such as wedding décor and your future guests can use the pitch in option to provide gift cards for you before the big day! When you are done with your wedding supplies you can use some of them to decorate your new home, pass them on to a friend who will be getting married or donate them to an organization who can use them.


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