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Product Stories: HYLLIS shelving unit

No waste gives HYLLIS a low price

HYLLIS is an optimal shelf. Not only does it work both indoors and outdoors, thanks to galvanised sheet metal that can withstand just about anything, it’s also produced in an optimal way. By adapting the measurements on HYLLIS to the standard measurements at the factory, we’re able to produce HYLLIS without any material going to waste. When we get the most out of the material, we can get more shelves from each sheet of metal. That brings costs down. And means that we can sell HYLLIS with really good quality at a really low price. See below for ideas on how you can adapt HYLLIS to work in or outside of your home.

HYLLIS shelving unit

Top left photo from Bloglovin

HYLLIS shelving unit collage 2

Top left photo from @jthiim on Instagram



We love the industrial feel of HYLLIS, but saw potential for a bit of a lighter look. Here’s how we did it:
Start with one galvanized, HYLLIS indoor/outdoor shelving unit, $14.99

1. We found this metal mesh backing at a hardware store and had it cut to fit the measurements of the unit. 
2. Then we screwed it into the existing holes in the frame.
3. Lastly, we spray painted the whole thing white. Done!

For anyone looking for a real and exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of the famous IKEA thinking and design, this story gives a glimpse into the process that stands for the unexpected, the unusual and the quirky. Come back each month to see what we’ll talk about next.


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  • In my opinion this is a brilliant India. It really spruces the shelf up and makes it look more edgy. Good for you IKEA for another great idea on the cheap.

    By Susan Wise on 5/3/2017 flag

  • The link you posted for the Shelf page does not work :-(

    By Sunday Grogan on 5/3/2017 flag