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15 millennial pink products you need right now

If you haven’t already heard, millennial pink is taking the internet by storm. From fashion to home décor and even to smoothies (yes, smoothies!), this pink is the color trend you need to join this spring.

Here are 15 perfectly pink IKEA products for your home:

1. SUCCULENT plant with pot $14.99 

SUCCULENT plant pot

(Cute alert! It also comes in mini size! $7.99)  

SUCCULENT plant pot (small)


2. BLÅRIPS full/queen duvet cover and pillowcases $39.99 (also available in twin and king)

BLARIPS full/queen duvet set


3. BOKARV cushion cover $34.99

BOKARV cushion


4. PALLRA box with lid $9.99 

PALLRA storage box


5. LUGGA scented block candle $5.99/3 pack 

LUGGA candles


6. HÅRTE LED work lamp $17.99



7. POÄNG chair $129.00

POANG chair


8. DINERA 18-piece dinnerware set $34.99

DINERA dinnerware


9. DINERA mug $1.99


10. BITTERGURKA watering can $9.99 

 BITTERGURKA watering can

11. FORMLIG vase $9.99


12. HERMINE throw $19.99

 HERMINE throw

13. UDDIG dish towel $4.99/2 pack

UDDIG dish towel


14. UPPFATTA notepad $2.99

UPPFATTA notepad


15. UPPFATTA notebook $5.99/3 pack

UPPFATTA notebook



Do you plan on adding a little millennial pink to your home? Share where with us in the comments!


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  • I glad to see the rest of the world has caught up with my favorite color, though the name makes me smile. I'd better buy this all up before it goes out of style. It also looks wonderful paired with a lovely, fresh springtime green, don't you think?

    By Shelly Valladolid on 4/13/2017 flag