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Design Series: Express Yourself with Industrial Chic

Industrial style is rooted in utilitarian design – practical, sensible and useful. Its beautiful aged woods, worn textures and forged, welded and patinated metal. The look is simple and clean, focusing on function, which leans toward a masculine feel. And pairing industrial with more formal pieces, creates a look of casual, vintage elegance that is timeless.


We’re now introducing the FÄRLÖV seating family that combines a traditional look with excellent comfort. The timeless, slope-arm sofa and armchair have generous proportions, pocket springs and loose cushions, making them ideal for the whole family to relax and spend time in. The ottoman features practical storage for things that only come out occasionally. FÄRLÖV is available with white or beige covers - all washable, in case a TV dinner goes wrong. This is indeed seating to live with for a very long time.


To see the entire selection of FÄRLÖV, click here



With a hint of 1920s industrial style, the FJÄLLBO storage series is a new range of small furniture pieces, combining minimalist design with a rustic edge. The series features solid pine shelves in a metal frame with mesh coverage - all produced with the environment in mind. The pine is FSC-certified and the mesh is produced in a way without metal spills. The mesh not only gives

FJÄLLBO its unique style, but also makes it practical for seeing what’s inside and operating remote controls. These pieces can function just as well in the kitchen, dining room, hallway or living room.


To see the entire selection of FJÄLLBO, click here

If you have any architectural accents in your space, such as exposed brick, beams, pipes or floor to ceiling windows, use them to your advantage. Mix new accessories with vintage,  that reflect an old school aesthetic of factories, post offices, photography and print studios and doctors’ offices. Pair metal and wood together to create the feeling of rustic elegance. Go with a neutral color pallet and textiles such as curtains or rugs, in natural fibers. To get a more contemporary look, add  artwork and textiles in brighter shades and patterns.

KULLABERG swivel chair, FABRIKÖR metal cabinet, RANARP work lamp, MÖRBYLÅNGA oak veneer dining table

Top left: KULLABERG swivel chair, $54.99  Right: FABRIKÖR metal cabinet, $169  Bottom left: RANARP work lamp, $27.99  Right: MÖRBYLÅNGA oak veneer dining table, $699



Ready to be blown away? Here’s an easy way to make your basic drawers look like a vintage filing cabinet. (We used the RAST

1. First remove the knobs. 
2. To create a visual effect of having double the amount of drawers, you’ll need to place two new pieces on top of the existing drawer fronts. Measure the front of the original drawers and cut two new fronts for each (6 total) from new pieces of wood. 
3. Working one drawer at a time, leave a bit of space between the two pieces to fake the look of two drawers. Glue them to the original drawer front and let them dry completely while clamped on. 
4. Repeat on the next two drawers. Once everything has dried, paint the whole unit with a stain; two layers will create a rich shade. 
5. Drill holes for the new knobs, (We used the VÄRDE) attach them, and add some label plates for the full effect.

printmaker's cabinet DIY

I hope you enjoyed reading about Industrial style and how to achieve it, and watch in the upcoming months for more articles on IKEA design ideas for your home.

Till next time!


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  • The printmaker's cabinet is a genius hack! I adore it and am going to completely steal that idea! Thanks for getting me excited about my home again.

    By Shelly Valladolid on 4/13/2017 flag