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Pup-erations: Organizing for a New Puppy!

My friends define “adulting” in various ways: Landing that first full-time job, moving out of the parents’ house, paying off student loans, getting a Master’s degree (to name a few). Huge milestones to celebrate, yes, but there’s one other thing my friends have been doing that I equate to adulting: Getting a puppy.

Thanks to the fever ignited by my inner circle, and the fact that March 23 is National Puppy Day, I’m spending this month planning for a furry friend of my own. The shelters and rescue organizations are calling my name!

I despise last-minute shopping, so I’m preparing a list of must-have items before I bring my cuddly new friend home later this spring. Check out my top buys below:


Towels quickly became lifesavers for many of my friends and their first dogs. They boost the comfort of your dog’s bed or crate, act as the back-up plan for accidents, and become an extra chew toy during those teething months. Keep towels on hand for long car rides and rainy days, too! They’re the most versatile purchase you’ll make.

Toy Box

My best friend lives for these TJENA boxes, and when I recently visited him to meet his nine-month-old rescue pup Lucy, he’d put a couple of these boxes to smart use! He has to maximize space in his studio apartment, so the boxes keep Lucy’s toys neatly stowed in the living room corner. When I watched her boop the box with her nose and paw at the lid for some playtime, I nearly melted from the cuteness.

Dry Food Containers

Puppies eat three to four times a day, so it’s best to have your food supply ready at all times. But let’s be honest, those bulk dog food bags often look clunky and hastily stashed in the kitchen. Invest in TILLSLUTA containers of different sizes to store and tightly seal the dog food. Don’t forget a small container for treats!

Night Light

You know those nights where you wake up thirsty at 2 a.m.? It happens to puppies, too. Buy a night light and shine it near the water and food bowls. This way, your dog isn’t trotting around in total darkness and can find its way to a quick drink overnight.

Happy National Puppy Day!

~ Elise


Guest Blogger: Elise Montalvo

Elise studied Journalism and New Media at Towson University. She’s worked in local news, magazines, marketing and the wedding industry, but writing and social media have been the constants of her career. She began her IKEA journey as a Social Media and Recruitment intern with the HRSC, where she fell in love with the company’s dedication to leadership and development. She joined the Social Media team six months later, where she currently works.

Outside of IKEA, Elise indulges in photography, American history and literature, collecting coffee mugs, Ina Garten recipes and corgis. She can usually be found in the sunniest spot of her house reading long-form journalism online or updating the teen fiction story she hopes to publish one day. 

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

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