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IKEA FAN Favorite: An Organized Kitchen

This beautifully organized kitchen, posted by Andrea Choate is wonderful on several levels. The first is the simple design of the kitchen itself. Andrea is lucky to have a nice, big kitchen space with room for plenty of lower cabinets. This allows her to do open storage on top which gives the kitchen a designer look, but has also saved quite a bit of money. 

kitchen drawer

Second, even though she chose not to use upper cabinets, she still has plenty of storage space below. Each of those TINGSGRYD cabinets is a drawer that houses other secret drawers within. It gives the kitchen a nice, uniform look, but doesn’t sacrifice any function. 

fan kitchen

Lastly, the best part about this organized kitchen, is that you can use this inspiration in your own home, even if you aren’t planning a full kitchen remodel. Here, Andrea has taken the items that she uses most frequently and put them within easy reach using her wall space. This leaves her with clean, uncluttered counters and plenty of prep space. Even if you have upper cabinets in your kitchen, you can do this by adding a rail system to your backsplash area. Take a look at the FINTORP series which has many storage options for the rail. Adding shelves to empty wall space can also give you extra, easy-to-access storage for things you use every day, such as your dinner dishes and coffee mugs, which means more storage space in your cabinets for other things. For a clean, stainless look, try the EKBY MOSSBY/EKBY BJARNUM shelf and bracket combination.


An organized kitchen not only looks great, but it will keep you feeling great too. Since your kitchen is one of the places that you start your day, you’ll get off to a great start if you able to find the things that you need easily, while maintaining clear countertops. With just a few tweaks, you too can have an organized kitchen, like Andrea.


Do you have any kitchen organizing tips? Let us know in the comments! 








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