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Design Series: Express Yourself in Country Style

Country-style interiors have been around for hundreds of years. It was a direct result of rural life on a farm, especially from European countries during the 1700 and 1800s. It was unpretentious, comfortable and inviting.

Country can lend itself to many expressions and can be in a light or dark pallet. Colorful, muted, sophisticated, folkloric, ethnic – the list goes on. And at IKEA, we have many products to help you achieve the type of country style that suits your sensibilities perfectly.

country style collage 1

Mixed, patterned textiles and light colored walls, create a simple, casual, warm atmosphere. Furniture and accessories are about function as well as being decorative.

country style collage 2

To create a more folkloric or ethnic vibe, incorporate untreated or stained wood into your rooms. Colorful, muted textiles with culturally influenced prints, as well as culturally influenced accessories, give that hand-made, down-to-earth feel.

country style collage 3

For a bit more sophistication, go with dark wood. Use old fashioned materials like natural fibers and warm metals, to create soft lines and fine details. Use white mixed with rich earthy tones.

country style collage 4

To discover more decorating ideas, click here. And watch in the upcoming months for more articles on IKEA design ideas for your home.


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