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Product Stories: BITTERGURKA small space gardening

Today's everyday life is very much about technology. We use it at home, in our work, and we carry our smartphones with us everywhere. Everything moves quickly. Growing your own food and herbs is a way to balance that. It takes us back to our roots, because it takes time to grow a pepper from a seed to a fruit.

At the same time, more people are moving into cities and with half of the world’s population calling urban areas home, our longing for nature and a greener life has never been greater. We know many people have the urge to live a greener and more sustainable life at home. But the one main question remains: how and where do I start?


The BITTERGURKA series, complete with hanging planter, rectangular plant pot and watering can bring small-space gardening into the home. If you only have the corner of your balcony or a shelf in the kitchen, you should still be able to grow your own veggies, herbs and flowers.

The rectangular planter is a perfect spot to grow fresh flowers or herbs, while the hanging planters can be strung together in a kitchen window to catch the natural light. Bringing your fresh basil or rosemary to the counter as you prepare a meal, is as easy as unhooking the planter from the one above. 


All three products were made with sustainability in mind – in the home and in the choice of materials. The metal is made up of 70% recycled materials, and the bamboo is a renewable and fast-growing material that comes from China.  

When you’ve grown those tomatoes or herbs yourself, and nurtured them with love and care, they will taste a million times better than the ones you would buy in the grocery store. 

BITTERGURKA inspiration

To explore more options on how to use BITTERGURKA in your home, click here. 

For anyone looking for a real and exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of the famous IKEA thinking and design, this story gives a glimpse into the process that stands for the unexpected, the unusual and the quirky. Come back next month to see what we’ll talk about next.



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