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Celebrating Love Your Pet Day

Pets make the world a better place. They demonstrate loyalty, affection, and help us get through hard times. We love our furry friends, which is why we're excited to celebrate Love Your Pet Day!

Research has proven that an animal companion can reduce stress, improve the hardiness of your immune system, and encourage physical activity. Not to mention, they’re just plain fun!  Celebrate this holiday by showing your pets how much you appreciate them with a little love, IKEA style.

The GOSIG Mus is a great toy option for your dog or cat. Durable stitching holds up against constant snuggles.


Think your furry friend would prefer a soft blanket for naptime? The POLARVIDE throw is warm, machine washable, and so inexpensive ($3.99), that muddy paws are no big deal.

Hardwood floors may be gorgeous, but your pet likely wishes he or she had a fluffy spot to sit on. I confess, my Jack Russell may be a little spoiled, but he loves his RENS rug. It’s the perfect perch for him while I’m cooking dinner.

Use these suggestions or opt for the simple pleasures of food, a scratch behind the ears, and a good, long walk (probably not for cats).  Just show those little guys some love!

~ Maggie

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