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6 Affordable Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Let's face it: we all can't be that person who buys their gifts a month or two in advance. For those of us that are a bit more challenged when it comes to grabbing a gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day, we have a few suggestions.


Self-watering plant pot

self-watering plant pot

For the lover of plants and all things green and growing, this self-watering pot is the perfect gift. Formed from terracotta, which slowly absorbs the water and allows it to filter through, this 3-piece set keeps the soil consistently moist. This means that you can take your vacation without worrying about coming home to dry or brown leaves!

 Not only will you be giving the gift of life to your significant other’s favorite house plant, but you may just end up saving their life as well (In a roundabout way)! Growing plants within one’s home has been scientifically proven to reduce indoor air pollution and improve oxygen levels.

 Can you really think of a better gift for someone you love?


IKEA 365+ knife block

knife block

This knife block is perfect for the free-thinker, the independent soul, the chef in your life.  Instead of trying to gracefully insert your knife into a standard block while trying to avoid the removal of one’s finger, this unique design allows you to place multiple knives wherever you wish.

Filled with tightly-packed strands, it can be useful for quickly putting away your knives after an intense cooking session, as well as adding a unique and free-form look to your kitchen. 


SVALKA wine glasses

wine glasses

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little wine? A 6-pack of white wine glasses means that you can share the love with your significant other, or with even more friends.  The elongated bowl helps to enhance the flavors of your wine of choice, and since these glasses are dishwasher safe, you can enjoy your evening maintenance-free!

Show up with these and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and you just might become their favorite person ever (if you weren’t already so).

Pendant lamp

pendant lamp

While this may not be as much of a personal gift as it is an incredible addition to any room in a home, this beautiful hanging pendant lamp has the ability to adjust the lighting from “let’s go out for dinner” to “let’s stay in all night”.

When it comes to setting moods, this extremely unique lamp should be more than able to provide you with a relaxing evening, and will undoubtedly become a topic of conversation when hosting friends and family.


Throw blanket


If they love you, they’ll keep you warm, right?

Enter the ORMHASSEL throw blanket: warm and ever-ready to wrap you up in comfort and Valentine’s Day snuggles.

Whether you’re staying in to watch a movie, or looking to share an evening sitting close to your Valentine’s date, you’re going to want to grab one of these!


Recycled glass vase

glass vase

Is your Valentine environmentally-conscious? A lover of swirly patterns? Excited about things that hold water? They might just fall in love with this recycled glass vase instead of you!

(Pro tip: put flowers in the vase when presenting. Your V-Day date will probably love that.) 


While these are just a few affordable ideas that can serve as a last-minute gift for your Valentine, we’d love to hear what else you think might be a great addition - give us a shout in the comments and tell us what we missed!



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