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Pick of the week - A Custom Closet Space

If you have an extra bedroom in your home, but not enough closet space, this is the perfect opportunity to create just the space you need. When looking through all of your awesome spaces, Bill’s closet caught my eye. He notes in the description “I took a spare bedroom and turned it into a Man's walk in closet. This is phase 1, which covers one wall. Using the ALGOT planner, I was able to customize the look. Lighting is the ANSLUTA transformer with URSHULT LED cabinet lights.”

If you are looking to start a project like Bill’s, ALGOT is a great solution. After you install the uprights, the attachments serve a wide variety of functions. There are shelves, baskets, hangers for shirts and pants, shoe racks, drying racks and more. To keep yourself from going overboard, take stock of what is in your closet before you start planning. How many feet of space will you need for hanging shirts? How many pairs of pants to do you want to hang? How many pairs of shoes do you need to store? After taking all of that into consideration and taking some measurements of your room, you can start planning using the ALGOT planner, available for free. The planner allows you to start with a combination that closely matches what you’re looking for and then re-arrange, add and subtract pieces to make it exactly what you want. When you are finished, you can print a parts list, so that you get everything you need when you come to the store!

Bill added a great color on the walls, as well as LED lighting to give a high end custom look to his ALGOT solution. Don’t forget to leave space for a new pair of shoes or two (I see Bill has left plenty of room to expand his tie collection), that way you can enjoy your space long term without it getting cluttered.

Happy organizing!


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