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Product Stories: PAX Wardrobe and KOMPLEMENT interior organizers

 “Put your clothes away.” Maybe our parents were right when they said those words; after all it’s a nice feeling when your things are organised. As we grew up, some of us became super-organised adults, while others really can’t seem to keep a tidy closet no matter how hard we try.

The PAX/KOMPLEMENT wardrobe system has been in the IKEA range for years, and has helped people all over the world keep things tidy. But each of us has a unique personality, one that isn’t always suited to one way of organising. Many of us also have more stuff than ever before in smaller spaces and yet only wear about 40 per cent of it because we can’t see what we own.

With these insights in mind, PAX/KOMPLEMENT underwent a major update to suit these storage challenges and the wide variety of personalities out there – from the ‘super organisers’ to the ‘pilers’. The team even came up with a new mantra around organising your things: Don’t change your personality, change your wardrobe to match it instead.   

PAX wardrobe

“The key for us was recognizing that they exist and helping them organise in their own unique way,” says product developer Betina Tviis Larsson. “No one should have a bad conscience because they’re not doing it the ‘right way’.” 

PAX wardrobe

PAX/KOMPLEMENT is a flexible system that can be configured into nearly any combination of drawers, mesh baskets, trouser hangers, shelves, jewellery organisers and multi-use hangers. From the basic closet that is functional and straightforward, to the dream closet with boutique-like details for the clotheshorse – there is a closet solution for everyone. Your parents will be so proud.

PAX wardrobe

To explore more options on how to use PAX in your home, click here.

 For anyone looking for a real and exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of the famous IKEA thinking and design, this story gives a glimpse into the process that stands for the unexpected, the unusual and the quirky. Come back next month to see what we’ll talk about next.


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