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Organizing for the New Year

Every New Year, people set resolutions and every year, right up there with losing weight and eating healthier, is the resolution to GET ORGANIZED!

Studies have shown that people can become overwhelmed and even depressed when their environment feels cluttered and out of control, but often people just don’t know where to begin. Here are a few proven tips to help in getting started on that resolution.

Start organizing small manageable areas
Often people get overwhelmed because so many areas seem cluttered, an insurmountable task! Start small. Assign yourself one or two projects a day that can be done in under an hour, perhaps an out of control junk drawer or a dresser drawer? The sense of accomplishment will encourage you to take on additional projects.

Sort and purge
Often, people gain no headway in organizing because the items they are storing need to be assessed and organized. A good way to approach is to remove everything from the cluttered space, and do an inventory. Does anything need to be repaired? Recycled or donated? Once a “keep” pile is determined, group like items together.

Find the right container
Most people go about this task backwards, and race out to buy storage containers without assessing their needs. Once the amount and size of items to be stored is determined, it’s a much easier task to find the right container. Consider how the container will be used or viewed. Drawer organizers that are open at the top need no further identification, but if something will be stored on a shelf or even in an attic or garage, be sure that it’s easy to determine the contents before struggling to take off the shelf. Transparent or translucent containers make the task easy. Labels or photos of items (a great idea for children who can’t read!) is another way to easily identify contents.

Store items in logical places
Everyday items should be placed in within an easy reach or in open containers, where items (like seasonal decorations) should be placed in out-of-the-way areas, like top shelves or garage shelving units.

Here are some great IKEA products to help make the task easier:

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