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More to organize: Home office organization tips

The start of a new year means it’s time to get organized! I’ve found that getting a jump start on my organizing in January means I’ll have a better chance of starting a new (good) habit. Last year’s organization project went to my living room; this year, it’s time to get the home office in check!

As I start to organize my home office, take some of these tips into consideration when the time comes to style yours!

Magazine holders
I don’t know where I’d be without magazine folders. They’re great for more than just magazines! Utilize these on a bookshelf or your desk for a quick refresh. The FJALLA magazine files are my favorite option!

Drawers (or a drawer unit)
If your desk doesn’t have drawers or storage shelves, invest in a storage unit. When you run out of room in your magazine folders for your important papers, having a storage unit by your side becomes quite handy!

Writing board
My day isn’t complete without a to-do list! Hang up a writing or magnetic board, such as the LUNS, to organize your daily thoughts and tasks and keep yourself in check this year!

Happy organizing! Check out our stress-free organization guide for more ideas on how to organize your spaces in 2017. 


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