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4 reasons to become a tea drinker

While I praised a good cup of coffee during National Coffee Day in September, tea will always come first for me. From the unique types of packaging to the variety of flavors, I’ve met very few teas that I haven’t liked. If I’m not drinking a cup of chai tea, you’ll catch me drinking green tea on most days of the week (No, YOU drink too much tea).

Thankfully for myself and all tea lovers across the globe, January is Hot Tea Month! No time like the present to become a tea drinker. Check out 4 reasons why you need to become a tea lover this year without a doubt.

1: There’s a type of tea for any occasion or feeling!

Feeling blue? Got a cold? Need a quick jolt of caffeine? There’s a type of tea for that. Tea is naturally jam packed with antioxidants, more than one might realize. For example, green and black teas have 10 times the antioxidant power compared to that found in fruits and veggies.

2: Prepping a cup of tea is quick.

One of the main reasons I love tea is that it’s quick to make. There have been many days before work that I needed my morning tea, but I was running late. Thanks to my microwave and travel mug, making on-the-go tea was simple!

3: Zero calories.

Yup, that’s right! Like black coffee, tea is also zero calories. If you need a bit of sweetness, add a packet of zero calorie sweetener or a lemon slice. Now you’ll have room for a sweet treat later in the day!

4: Tea accessories keep getting better and better.

Tea drinkers can accessorize, too! Tea towels with fun designs and tea infusers in the shapes of flowers and animals? Count me in!

I hope I’ve convinced you to swap your cup-o-Joe for some tea in 2017! 

~ Gina 



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