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3 tips to making your college living space feel more like home

Maybe you’re starting your first year of college, returning and moving into a new space, or living in the same college space but looking for ways to declutter.

Whatever your situation, check out some of our tips for making your dorm or apartment feel like home.

1. Make screen/ tech free spaces for yourself 

No matter your major, college students spend a lot of time staring at screens. Some days, I spend hours looking at lecture slides during class, working on projects and papers, and checking social media in between! When I get home, my eyes are tired and my brain needs to rest. Be intentional about making screen and/or tech free spaces within your room/apartment. Keeping technology out of your bedroom also makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning by avoiding the morning scroll!

2. Get it off the ground

Last September, I realized I didn’t have much “stuff” in my apartment. Despite that, I found myself frustrated with my lack of floor space. I started hanging up nails and hooks (especially helpful if you can’t put holes in your wall) to get my belongings off the ground! Moving around my tiny kitchen is a whole lot easier now that I don’t have shopping bags on the floor or spices taking up precious shelf space.

3. Buy yourself flowers every so often 

Maybe you’d rather have a special someone bringing you flowers, but trust me, this will do wonders for making your space feel cozier and personal – plus, self-care isn’t selfish! I usually pick-up a bouquet when I’m out grocery shopping. Transfer yours to a vase, mason jar, or an empty tin of coffee - it works wonders!

What have you done to make your college living space feel more like home? We want to know, so leave us a comment below!


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