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Declare Your Dorm Style

Going off to college and being on your own for the first time is so exciting! Not only will it be a time of discovery, learning, new experiences and making plans for your future, it’ll also be a great time to figure out your personal style.  

The empty slate of a new dorm room can be scary and it’s hard to imagine that something so bland could even remotely resemble or feel like home. But don’t worry! Your new abode is actually the perfect opportunity to express your personality and with a few simple additions, you’ll have it feeling like home in no time!  

Here are some great ideas to help get you started, but remember to put your own creative spin on it! 

Experiment with Color:
Dorm rooms are so drab! Liven them up with bright, fun colors!  

From left to right: 

- ÄNGSKRASSE twin duvet cover $29.99
Inspired by the countryside on a lazy summer day, this colorful duvet is sure to brighten up your dorm room and put a smile on your face.

- JANSJÖ USB LED light $4.99
Not only will this light add a pop of color to your dorm room, it will also last your entire college career because it uses LEDs.

- DRAGGAN cart $24.99
Mobile storage is great for small spaces. Just roll the cart where it is needed and store it away when not in use.

- MARIAM curtains $19.99
Curtains are great for dorm rooms. They are an easy and inexpensive way to add color and texture and they’ll also add privacy and protection from light on days you want to sleep in.

- DOKUMENT series (letter tray $8.99, magazine file $6.99/set of 2, pencil cup $2.99/2pk) 
With the metal mesh DOKUMENT workspace series, you can be sure that every pen and paper is in place. And when you can find everything and your space is neat, getting to work will feel a bit easier.

- SAMSPELT decorative deer $19.99
SAMSPELT decoration is a colorful and striking eye-catcher that brings character to the room.

- TJENA storage boxes (Box with compartments $3.49, Box with lid $1.49 - $4.99)
Dorm rooms are small, so organization is a must. These storage boxes help you organize everything from small desk accessories to make-up and hair clips.

- TOLSBY frame for two pictures $0.99/ea
Pictures of friends and family are a great way to help you feel less home-sick. This frame lets you display one picture on each side of these colorful frames. So, one side can be of mom and dad and the other can be of the girls’ beach weekend!  

- KORT art cards $3.00/5pk
Quickly and affordably add color to your room with these art cards.  

Go Graphic:
Graphical elements and clean lines keep things sleek and modern, while retro patterns add a fun touch!

From left to right:

- IKEA PS duvet $39.99
The various lines and colors create different patterns on this soft and durable duvet.

- NOTUDDEN baskets $7.99/set of 3
The soft colors and graphical pattern of these baskets will help keep you organized while adding a design element to your desk or closet.

- FILLSTA table lamp $14.99
This retro-chic table lamp is the perfect pop of color for your dorm.

- BJORNLOKA FIGUR cushion $5.00
The Y-shapes of this cushion will look great in your graphic-inspired dorm room.

- OLUNDA picture $19.99
Part of the motif is mounted at a distance from the background, which gives the picture added depth.

- IKEA PS rug $79.99
This durable and stain resistant rug is easy to care for and made of dense, thick pile  which dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.

- TRADKLOVER fabric $7.99/yd
Don’t forget about the power of fabric when creating your perfect college space. Fabric can be turned into pillow cases, curtains, chair covers and more!

- KNISTA picture $9.99
This playful and modern motif is sure to brighten your room and make a great talking piece. And remember, just because it is a ready-to-hang picture does not mean you HAVE to hang it up. Lean this against wall by your desk to add an extra design element without damaging the walls

- DRUVMALLA throw $9.99
This throw is soft against your skin and can be machine-washed.

- LILLARYD frame $5.99
The frame adds an interesting dimension to the picture as the sides angle out, creating depth and shadow.

Show your Romantic Side:
Florals, lace patterns and neutral tones can help you create your romantic, fairytale dorm room.

From left to right:

- EMMIE BLOM duvet cover $29.99
The floral pattern adds a soft, feminine feel to the dorm. Plus, you can easily vary the look in your bedroom because the duvet cover has different colors on each side.

- SKURAR plant pot $3.99
Add that romantic touch with this lace-patterned plant pot.

- VANDIN table lamp $14.99
Small and easy to place anywhere you want to bring some coziness and light into your room.

- LÄBORG rug $19.99
The simple patterns and neutral colors of this rug will help tie your romantic room together. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean, which is great for dorm rooms!

- MYRTEN lace curtains $14.99
Lace curtains placed under thicker curtains will add a feminine touch while keeping noise and light out.

- SARBAR cushion $6.99
Add extra detail and texture with this cute pillow.

- KVARNVIK boxes $16.99/set of three
Suitable for storing small items like jewelry, scarves or other accessories, these textured boxes will help you stay organized this semester.

- MYKEN table mirror $9.99
Get ready in style with this table mirror.

- KLÖVSTA frame $5.99
The floral patterns on this frame will add to your romantic room and provide memories of home.

- SLÄTTHULT decorative stickers $9.99
With these dorm-room safe decorative stickers it's easy for you to renew a room without painting or wallpapering

- GARNITYR storage with seven compartments $14.99
The hook and loop fastener makes it easy to hang up and move, and the extra storage pockets on the sides provide even more storage space for small items.

Peace and Quiet:
Stick to a neutral and calming colors to really turn your home away from home into a relaxing retreat.

From left to right:

- OFELIA VASS duvet cover $49.99 
The materials and the design of the OFELIA collection have its roots in the Nordic light, the sand on the beach, the waves, the driftwood and the plants. That’s sure to bring a sense of thoughtfulness and serenity to your dorm.  

- IKEA STOCKHOLM throw blanket $29.99
The soft and silky luster of this throw will add a touch of coziness and comfort to your room.

- RÅSKOG cart $49.99
Mobile storage is great for small spaces. Just roll the cart where it is needed and store it away when not in use.

- FRYKEN boxes with lids $9.99/set of 3
These rattan boxes are great for storage jewelry, hair clips and desk accessories.

- VIDJA table lamp $19.99
The fabric shade gives a diffused light and decorative feel.

- FJÄLLTRAV cushion cover $10.00
Add extra softness, texture and color to your room with this cushion cover.

- ÅDUM rug $29.99
The dense, thick pile of this stain-resistant rug dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on. Plus, it is easy to join several rugs, without a visible seam.

- GESTALTA artist figure $5.99
This little artist’s figure adds a fun element to your room. Have fun posing him in different positions!

- PJATTERYD picture, Audrey Hepburn $39.99
This high-quality picture will stand out from the wall in an attractive way because it continues around the edges of the canvas. Lean it against the wall on your desk for an added decorative element without damaging the walls.

- SANELA curtains $69.99
These curtains add a calming color and cotton velvet texture as well as privacy.

The Man Cave:
Just because you’re a guy, doesn’t mean your room needs to look like the stereotypical “dude room”. With a few simple touches and a common color palette, your space can be organized and stylish in no time!

From left to right:

- KUSTRUTA duvet cover $39.99
Keep it simple with this blue checkered duvet.

- ÖVRABY frame $5.99
Even though you’re a tough guy, you still might get a little home sick. Frames with pictures of high-school friends, family or the family dog will help will help you get used to your new home.

- HJÄLMAREN hanger for door $12.99
Repeat after me: “the floor is not a closet”. We’re not saying you have to be a neat freak, but having a place to hang towels, jackets and even your keys will go a long way.

- BENZY LAND cushion $12.99
As you start this new adventure in your life, bring along this playful pillow.

- KASSETT boxes with lids $6.99/2pk
Keep things organized with a few storage boxes. These are great for books, term papers, extra snacks, etc.

- BYLLAN laptop support $14.99
Since you’ll be up late writing a paper or studying at least once this semester, this laptop support will allow you to work from bed – much more comfortable than those hard, wooden desk chairs.

- FORMAT work lamp $19.99
A sturdy desk lamp is essential for college students. You can easily direct the light where you want it with this one because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.

- LENNART drawer unit $9.99
This cart is the perfect way to keep track of all those term papers and group projects.

- RISSLA boxes $14.99/set of 3
Keep your desk looking clean with small storage boxes like RISSLA. These boxes even have a magnetic seal, which makes it possible to stand the box on a bookshelf, just like a book.

- SÖFTEN rug $24.99
This rug will add a stylish element to your room and keep your feet warm on early mornings.

Remember: College is the place to express your individuality. So, have fun with it and be creative! Mix and match colors, patterns and textures to create a look that is uniquely you! Good luck!

For even more ideas for your dorm room, click here to follow our College Living board on Pinterest.

~ Kerri

About the Blogger - Kerri Homsher:

Kerri is a graduate of Shippensburg University where she studied Communications/Journalism and Business. While at SU, she also worked for The Slate campus newspaper. After graduation Kerri went on to work at Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, where she developed her skills with Social Media. In February 2012, she joined IKEA USA as the Marketing Assistant contributing to the execution of national press events and the creation of the global catalog.

Currently, Kerri is an Advertising Specialist at IKEA USA working on external advertising and continuing to support the creation of the global catalog. She also helps provide fans with additional inspiration and smart solutions as a member of the IKEA USA Pinterest team. At home, Kerri enjoys cooking, trying new foods, training for her first half marathon, watching movies, going to the beach, cheering on her favorite sports teams and playing with her two dogs.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” -Albert Einstein

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